Distance chart - Towards the North of Jodhpur Mandore Guest House is situated at 9 Kms from Railway Station , 7 Kms from Clock Tower (Sardar Market), 5 Kms from Mehrangarh Fort & stone`s throw distance from Mandore Garden.
Certificate of Excellence
Rajasthan Village Project popular as Mandore Project
Rajasthan Village Project
School Project
Our Clinic
"Rural Life & School"
Why not join us?
By adopting one of the colorful rural villages & a local school, we can render the following very useful services for the overall development of the village including socio-economic, education, health etc.  
Tasks volunteers can participate in during the Project :
Class room furniture (Bench & Desk)   Cultural programs such as Rangoli or Henna
Class room teaching aids and also help children to develop their creative talents by working with them to draw pictures   School health program
Upgrading the female toilets in village school   Improved fire places for housewives
Electrification or Wiring of School and Fans   Introduce new Stone Grinder with ball-bearing
English conversation sessions   Kitchen Duties
To participate in games and perform various creative activities in the school playground   Ramp for the disabled children in the school
Tree Planting   Awareness, education & prevention programmes
Gardening for kids   Village Census